Lessons and Courses

Course Breakdown

We teach a maximum of 2 students per qualified instructor. These very small classes we offer are perfect to really help you get up to speed and get the most from your session.
Kitesurf Courses Available
3 - day Beginner Package
Covers all you need to know to get up and going on the board - Up to or completing Kiteboarder Level 2
11,000 THB
1 - day Kiteboarding Discovery
Gives the would be kiteboarder all the information that you need to determine if kiteboarding is the sport for you
4,000 THB
1 Hour Hydrofoil lesson
Teaches you the basics of Riding a hydrofoil board. And boat support if needed.
2500 THB
Tom (+66) 0851349588 (English) bluelagoonpattaya@gmail.com

Phone Noi (+66) 0873371349 (Thai)

(+66) 089 780 0925 (Russian)


• IKO and KSA qualified instructors
• Max 2 pers/instructor
• 15 hp inflatable safety boat

Light wind, less crowded and sandy beaches are perfect for a beginner.

You will be provided with the latest kites, boards and accessories during the lesson.

1 Day Kiteboarder Discovery

Course Outline

The first part of this program will take you though the steps of setting up and flying a kite with trainer lines. You will gain an understanding of the wind window, so you will know where you can and cannot fly the kite in relation to where your standing and the wind direction. Inside this window are the “power zones” , you will learn where they are and when to use them.

Selecting the right spot for kiteboarding and kite flying with the associated hazards in mind is important.

The weather, how to predict it and how it can change in different parts of the world allows you to plan kiteboarding trips and keeps you aware of potentially dangerous weather situations. Knowledge of tides are important as the water can move in and out during the day, rips or underwater currents can be a factor on some coastlines.

The kite comes with safety systems. It’s a must to understand how to deploy these in different circumstances and how to check they are working before launch.

Kitesurf Lesson duration:
Teaching time (1 on 1 instruction): 2 hrs Teaching time (2 students per instructor): 3 hrs

3 Day Beginner Course

Course Outline

The first part of the 3 day kitesurfing course, you will learn how to walk to and from the water with the kite flying. You will then learn how to re-launch the kite from the water surface.

The next part is very exciting as you will feel the power of the kite as it drags you through the water. Once you have these flying skills in the water, it’s time to practice self-rescue techniques and a complete pack down.

Body dragging upwind will give you the ability to pick up a board which is upwind of your position. Next you will learn the theory behind the waterstart.

And now the point you have been working towards, “its time to put a board on your feet!” And set up for a water start.

Kitesurf Lesson duration:
Teaching time (1 on 1 instruction): 6 hrs
Teaching time (2 students per instructor): 9 hrs
Spread over 3 days.